Today, I've created the ApiBoilerPlate.AspNetCore Nuget Package to enable installing the project template using .NET CLI.


There are two ways to install the template:

Install the Template from .NET CLI

  1. Install the latest .NET Core SDK.
  2. Run dotnet new -i apiboilerplate.aspnetcore. This will install the template in your machine.
  3. Run dotnet new apiboilerplate --name "MyAPI"; -o samples. This will generate the project template named MyAPI within the samples directory.

Once installed, you should see this output below:

The template "ASP.NET Core API Template for .NET Core 3.x" was created successfully.

Install the Template from Visual Studio 2019

If you prefer, you can also install the project template in Visual Studio using the Visual Studio Marketplace extension here: ApiBoilerPlate.AspNetCore


Check out the my previous post for more information: ApiBoilerPlate: A Project Template for Building ASP.NET Core APIs