ASP.NET Core: ApiBoilerPlate Version 3 Released!

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ApiBoilerPlate Version 3.0.0 is out and it's available to install via .NET CLI and VSIX Market Place. Check out the installation guide here: Read the docs.

Release Notes

  • Upgraded to .NET Core 3.1.
  • Upgraded all Nuget package dependencies to latest.
  • Refactored Controller Samples and added ProducesResponseType attributes for each Action Methods.
  • Refactored DTO naming convention.
  • Refactored other codes within the template to take advantage of new C# features
  • Renamed appsettings.json files to conform with standard naming for each environments.
  • Use AutoWrapper's ApiProblemDetailsException for throwing Exceptions
  • Split Logs for Errors and Information using Serilog FilterExpression
  • Removed Worker Service example to decouple background services from hosted API
  • Updated Unit Tests examples to make use of ApiProblemDetailsException object for mocking errors.

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