Today, AutoWrapper 4.3.0 has been released with new option for you to disable/ignore the request body data in the logs globally.

By default, AutoWrapper will log all requests including the request body. This default behavior may cause exposing sensitive data to unauthorized users looking into your application logs. In order to prevent sensitive information being written to the logs, in version 4.1.0, we can use the RequestDataLogIgnore attribute and ShouldLogRequestData property in AutoWrapIgnore attribute to disable logging the request body in method/endpoint level. However, there are cases that you may want to completely ignore logging the request body for all your API endpoints.

Here's how you would disable/ignore the request body in the logs:

app.UseApiResponseAndExceptionWrapper(new AutoWrapperOptions
    ShouldLogRequestData = false

For more information about this project, visit the official code repository at Github. Here's the link to it: