Yes... I am now officially a C# Corner MVP. Here's the glimpse of the email that I got today:

Dear Vincent Maverick Durano,

Congratulations! You have received the C# Corner Most Valuable Professional Award. This award is given for your extraordinary contributions on C# Corner.

Thank you for your valuable contributions and time. We really appreciate it.

This year has been a remarkable year for my professional career so far. First becoming one of the DZone MVB, then breach the mythical barrier of 100,000 recognition points on the ASP.NET forums and became one of the top 10 All-Star member of the ASP.NET Hall Of Fame. Then just last week I was re-awarded Microsoft MVP for the 7th time and now received the C# Corner MVP. I still can't digest the news, it's like a music to my ears. It's really an honor to have this award and I'm very glad to finally be in the C# Corner MVP club!

BIG Thanks to C# Corner team, to all readers, friends and fellow developers around the world!