I am very proud and honored to have been featured and interviewed by one of the most prestigious Microsoft technical community in the world - the official Microsoft TechNet Wiki Community.

TechNet Wiki Community is an online collaborative content (a.k.a wiki) platform for all developers regardless of their level of expertise that focuses mainly on Microsoft technology stacks. It provides a massive number of tutorials that you can use as a reference for your day-to-day development journey. What makes the TechNet Wiki unique from other platform is that it allows you to collaborate and contribute to any content that are you’re interested in aside from sharing useful information about new technologies. This is because TechNet Wiki is for everybody who has a passion on writing awesome stuff and loves to share your knowledge to the world in a form of writing. It’s really a great place to learn things, and if you are a developer mainly working on Microsoft stack, then I would recommend you to check it out!

The interview was a mixture of both technical and personal aspect. If you want to know a bit more about me, you can find the details of my interview here: Interview with Community Wiki Ninja and MVP - Vincent Maverick Durano